The initial situation

Today, the decisive resources of European apparatus and plant manufacturers are the know-how, the innovative spirit and the creativity of their employees. The frequently changing requirements of the market, but especially the increasing cost pressure, force especially small and medium-sized companies in this sector to be highly flexible with the smallest possible number of employees.

From this point of view, many companies are constantly reconsidering the settlement of structural-mechanical calculations.

  • A temporary (or temporarily increased demand) for these calculation services is usually not worth the investment in the necessary software and highly qualified specialists.
  • In the companies of established “lone wolves” there is often a lack of the colleagues required for a discussion with a specialist focus; contacting employees of competitors is rarely conceivable.
  • Keeping a “teacher for the induction of newcomers” is very often unprofitable in view of the available personnel costs.
  • In this respect, with the departure of the “old hands”, specialist know-how is gradually dwindling.