Pressure VesselSynthesis Gas Cooler

Dimensioning for synthesis gas cooler completed

By the end of the first quarter, LES GmbH had completed all the strength and stability calculations required for dimensioning the vessel shell for the shell of an almost 150-ton, almost 30 m long synthesis gas cooler with three conical reducers, 2 vessel flange connections, approx. 30 nozzles and 15 nozzle flanges.

In addition to the pressure part design using various commercial European and American programs, IBL initially determined the specified weight, pressure, pipe connection, wind and earthquake loads, the resulting internal forces and moments using the tool developed by LES GmbH, which can be used online at www.pvp-software, and dimensioned the vessel shells taking the pressure loads into account. LES GmbH has also modernized the tool available online at for calculating thermal sleeves and integrated additional superposition methods for determining the internal forces resulting from the pipe connection loads into the tool, which is also available online.

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