The concept

We think, we can offer highly qualitative services at good market prices because:

  • LES GmbH performs structural mechanical analysis and advises many clients in the whole country and this facilitates the following:
    • we sufficiently provide our stuff with the work
    • we employ enough qualified, but not overqualified specialists to deal with separate tasks

For example, often technicians or technical designers perform a complete design development. However the analysis of results of the required plausibility check which follows afterwards is done by engineers.

  • LES concentrates on the requirements of apparatus and construction engineering and
  • LES cooperates with other engineering offices and software companies, which work in the same field, and this allows us to offer professional knowledge with relatively low demand on highly qualified specialists.

Using these partnership principles, together we can settle your structural mechanical problems:

  • You have: basic idea, concept, special know-how,
  • We have:
    • experience
    • hardware
    • software.

  • We calculate the stress on your components with the help of
    • modern hardware and
    • mature, internationally recognized software.
    • Whether technically simple or complicated structures,
    • whether mechanical or thermal,
    • stationary or transient loads,
  • we solve your calculation problem, analyse the stresses
  • and rate them!